The Deliberate Inclusion of Nuance

Sara Heinrichs

“Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance”
― Albert Maysles

I see these plants every day when I enter my studio. My eyes don't really look at them anymore, but I remember that they are beautiful. I registered their beauty when I bought them and I bought them because they had a job to perform. They are expected to soften the space and to be a striking or delicate inclusion of color and light against the deep grey walls and dark wooden furniture. This last week, because of the smoke in the air from wildfires, my focus has been out the windows to check visibility as the air is oddly thick and I am continually struck by the warmth of the light as it filters through the smoke.

The other day as I left my office, I glanced sideways and saw something that brought me into a still place. The striking red and green plant that I see every day was showing me something different. It was backlit and the way the light washed over and wrapped the leaves and flowers was sensitive, yet playful.

The way the leaves and flowers reached toward the light, the way the edges of the leaves lit up with a golden was magical!

When we are grateful, everything is new and precious.

When I saw this, I turned to the orchids that are in the center of the room. They are beautiful little spots of light in an otherwise fairly dark room. In an effort to see them differently, I moved them to the window where the orange smoke filtered sunlight was and took a moment to gently turn them and see the delicate textures and intricate tendrils at their center.

This is the act of witnessing something rather than simply seeing it. Flat light shows me the broad strokes of the subject, whereas sensitive light shows me the nuances of it.

Portraits are exactly the same.

Sensitive light is the deliberate inclusion of nuance.

Seeing vs. Witnessing

The difference is subtle,

yet powerful.

It's your turn to exist in photographs!

Be a part of your family's legacy for generations to come.

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