Where are you in photos?

Sara Heinrichs

Are you the faithful recorder of all your family photos?

Then you aren't in them! You record your children, your mom, your family, your significant other...but where are you?

Waiting to lose the 20lbs your kids don't see? That's the excuse/reason I hear most, but there are so many reasons we bow out of being in the photo.

Take a moment and think about what you would tell your younger self, your daughter, or your sister/friend. You are beautiful exactly as you are. Don't wait for another time or place. You are the strong and vibrant woman who should fall back from the self-judgment and what is called the 150% mirror. Your laugh lines aren't wrinkles that should be erased. Your curves aren't something to be ashamed of. Your stretch marks, freckles, and moles make you, YOU! You should face the camera without shame or fear. I would love to show you how.

Family Portrait

Are you ready?

Make images you are proud of and would ask your mom to make for you.

It's My Turn!
Sara Heinrichs Portrait Photographer

About the Author

Mother of 4, one of 3 daughters, one of 17 grandchildren, and I'd have to ask my 98-year-old gramma the numbers from there because she has faithfully reconstructed the family tree!