When was the last time you were photographed?

One day these portraits will be priceless to you and those you love. This is your legacy!

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Hi, I'm Sara.

The first time I witnessed a fine art print emerging from the printer, my heart stopped. The weight of the paper in my hands, the texture of the cotton under my fingertips, and the way the print seemed to glow from the inside. I held in my hands the most beautiful version of a photo I had ever taken, a tangible link to another time and place.  

Photography was a pastime looping and twisting itself through my teens, twenties, and early thirties. It was that other thing that I did alongside raising four amazing children. I knew how to take pictures but not how to make pictures consistently and deliberately. Eventually the time came where my youngest was just old enough, and my oldest wasn't thoroughly into the magnificent teen years, so I committed to studying photography professionally at Hallmark Institute of Photography.

Ten years post graduation, with all my kids grown, I get to give myself over to what I love most:  

Portrait making.  

This is the love of the journey.

Based in Seattle/Tacoma Washington, with a satellite studio in Eugene, Oregon.

Sara Heinrichs Portrait Photographer

Sara Heinrichs- Portrait Photographer

Education: Hallmark Institute of Photography 2009-2010


I invite you to a personal session with me. Tell me your stories, your hopes, your dreams and I will witness you, on your best day, in the best light, feeling beautiful! Together we will make photographs that contain all the interesting pieces of who you are.  


We'll sit down for coffee, lunch, or a simple phone call to chat about you, your story, and what makes you tick.


Full hair and make-up and 5 of your favorite outfits. Three hours of shooting in studio and on location. Be ready to be pampered and directed through your whole day.

Fine Art Prints

The end goal is wall art and a folio box of the most beautiful fine art prints of you on your most beautiful day.

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Your Ultimate Boudoir Checklist

If you've ever wondered what it would feel like to have the focus on you? 

Here's everything you need to make this the most amazing experience ever!


Are you ready? Let's plan your session.

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